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On the first few generations of Flyboards, the rider’s feet were mounted to a single board and could not tilt independently, in order to turn a board, it required twisting the body and lifting one leg to tilt the board off-axis in combination.  When we first introduced the Jetblade with independent feet in July of […]

Development of the hydro·score live competition scoring app has been in development since 2014.  The latest competition in Bermuda, Battle on the Rock, aka BOTR, showcased  hydro·score live in a new customized version to great success.  The stats behind the scenes tell the story.  2183 individual “instant scores”, 107 registered single rider sessions (some partial […]

At the recent Battle on the Rock event, we once again saw the dedication of jetboard competitors.   For future events, there was talk of different disciplines, jetpacks and jetbikes and how to integrate those other pieces of gear into the competitive format. We asked ourselves, “what can we do to create the same kind […]

Hamilton Bermuda was the host city for “Battle on the Rock” August 25th – 27th, 2017.  Hard not to describe this trip in superlatives, so we won’t hold back! The opinion was universal from all that attended, we had an amazing event at Battle on the Rock!  Hydroflight came together with participants from the X-Jets […]

Excellent scientific explanation of the physics in play in a water thrust powered jetpack (or jetboard).  Watch and learn!

Riders come in all sizes, Jetblades are designed for each rider to be able to find their optimum width for comfort and stability, not too wide, not too narrow, just right! Riders as young as 9 years old can fly with careful parental supervision. (For riders under 18, parental supervision and acknowledgement of the riders physical […]

Hydro Soul the movie is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, XBox, VUDU and Vimeo On Demand. We had a fantastic time as captured on film as shown in the movie, behind the scenes it was epic as well. Planning began months before with the concept to shoot a film in the tradition of […]

Across all cultures, mankind’s universal dream is of flight… In 2011, a new sport was born: Hydroflight. Around the world, pockets of enthusiasts began to develop their skills, without much interaction with each other. In an effort to push the sport forward, ten of the most devoted and innovative riders on hydro Jetpacks and Jetblades […]

Looking to upgrade from a Flyboard™* Legend to a Jetblade and get back into the game?  Does your current rental operation use the legendary equipment and you are looking to offer your customers a better experience with more up time?  Here are the notable upgrade differences between the two styles of hydroflight Jetboards and what […]

You currently ride a Flyboard™* Pro Series or Legend are looking at moving over the an alloy independent foot Jetblade.  How does a Jetblade compare to a Zapata Flyboard™*?   What are the differences and advantages? First of all weight, Flyboard™* 7.3 kilograms vs the Jetblade at 10.5 Kilos. Construction and handling is the key here. […]

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