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$3595 Base System The system to get you started in hydroflight or to start a hydroflight rental business. Conversion kit includes one adapter for your watercraft, Yamaha, SeaDoo or Kawasaki.  30 meters of heavy duty performance hose, and all high precision, extended durability CNC cut fittings made from marine grade metals.

JetbladeUSA offers certified training for individual owners and commercial use operators.  Certified manufacturer training is critical for proper safety and for insurance purposes.  Contact Carey Whitley at +1.386.837.5956

Competition is the center of many driving factors. The desire to win drove us from the beginning to build the best equipment and make it flexible for use by athletes.  An important factor in each competition is to evolve the equipment to win.  Our rider make requests, we make advances, and we look to prove it on […]

What are the differences between a jetpack and a jetboard?  Generally put, jetpacks have been in the public consciousness for over 50 years, standing jetboards only for a short time.  Older viewers will tend to look at a jetpack and think it looks more familiar, easier to fly.  Younger viewers have the opposite impression, they […]

You currently ride a Flyboard Pro Series are looking at moving up to a carbon fiber Scorpion Jetblade.  How does a Scorpion Jetblade compare to a Zapata Flyboard?   What are the differences and advantages? First of all weight, Flyboard 7.5 kilograms vs the Scorpion at 4.5.  Remember the feeling when you stepped off a […]

A quick graphic used internally showing the approximate relative market scale and the possibilities for growth in 2017. The “possible converts” section also includes users that bought in early before the equipment was market ready and could be convinced to re-enter.  Interested observers are the audience for a competitive series.  General population, 6.99 billion people.

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