There are a wide range of jet skis that can be converted over to power your hydro flight system,  Jetpack or Jetblade.  We have customers using various machines around the world.  We are building a “work in progress”  list here of some of the Hydro Good Machines©, machines that have been in use and some reviews on what makes them ideal for X-Jetpacks and Jetblades.  If you have any experience with a “good machine” for hydro, let us know via our contact email, and we will look to include it in the list.


We like this machine a lot.  Lots of hours in and running strong with no worries.  We are running it with a Skat-Trak dual impeller and getting full height at —- RPM.  The FZR Waverunner can be quickly switched back to PWC usage with the X-Jets Steering adapter.


This ski is a techno monster and it is no surprise that it makes an amazing hydro flight platform.  Coupled with the Skat-Trak 714 dual impeller it is hard to beat this machine as an ultimate Jet flying powerplant. Supercharged, external intercooled 1503 HO Rotax 4-TEC engine provides reliable ultra-high performance in fresh or salt water, increased torque at low RPM, optimized power at all RPM levels and throttle positions.




This is a very basic, entry level machine from Bombardier Recreational Products SeaDoo line. That being said, any machine from SeaDoo is a technical powerhouse.   This entry level machine is rated at 130 horsepower and is “normally aspirated” meaning no supercharger.  This makes the engine less complex, less parts and inter-related systems, which translates directly to lower service requirements.  Since with all current conversions, the reverse system needs to be removed, the models of the GT 130 without reverse are an added plus. Although the horsepower is below the normal recommendation, when used with a dual impeller from Skat-Trak, this machine becomes hydro worthy.  There are a few rental operations running this machine for daily operations over the past year and getting satisfied customers flying.

Update 4.2015 from Keith.  “Ran this 2014 machine stock with a factory impeller. Holy crap, we were getting a 230 pound rider on a Jetblade 25 feet (7.5 meters) in the air with no difficulty.  I (Keith) was able to do everything on the X-Jetpack that I was able to do on a high powered ski, not as fast but wow!.  Amber, our female trainer, said this machine was great, did not overpower her and tire her out like an RXP/RXT, she would use this all day long.  We can’t wait ’til next week when we get the dual prop on it. Great machine.”

This is not the choice if you are looking for an ultimate performance machine (fast upward acceleration,  running at the top of the height range of ten plus meters, etc.) .  However for a low barrier to entry basic workhorse for getting new customers out of the water and relatively high into the air, the GTI/GTS 130 is a great choice.


Hydro Good Machine© Yamaha VXR

This review of a Hydro Good Machine© comes from Dean O’Malley at Jetpack America.  Jetpack America has been running Yamaha VXS (brother to the VXR) models for hydro flight jetpacks and Jetblades and getting great performance.  Riders of 200 pounds (90 kilos) are flying heights up to 35 feet (10.5 meters) over the surface.  The system they are running uses a dual impeller from Skat Trak.  This model is non supercharged model meaning the engine is running with less stress and the complexity of the system is reduced.  Dean says it is a great workhorse of a machine and they can recommend it for day in and day out usage.

We got an update from Captain Robert in Bahrain “We are also running Yamaha VXS units for our every day operations and they have been flawless, we are getting 90kg at about 9 meters, mainly due to the reduced power at 44 deg (C) air temp and 30 deg (C) water.  For our demo and instructors machines we use kawasaki ultra 300s with Skat trak impeller and a kawasaki 310 with the same.”


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