Stratospheric Industries, Inc.was established in 2013 for the express purpose of building hydro equipment. Strato, aka X-Jets,  researches, designs and makes hydro jet Scorpions, X-Jetpacks, and Jetblades. That is what we do all year long. Our head industrial designer, Shaw, has been working non-stop in action sports equipment design and manufacturing for decades, starting out in the early days of snowboarding, along the way building equipment and factories and engineering industrial processes around the world. His designs and manufacturing processes have sold over 1.4 billion dollars worldwide (measured at retail value) that is correct, “billion” with a “b”.  Skateboarding equipment, snowboarding equipment from the major brands, safety gear, helmets for skate, snow and bike, and fitness and gym equipment by the tonnage.  His designs are in museum collections and has designed the gear the won the first Olympic gold medal in snowboard halfpipe. Hydro is where we spend our energy to grow that sport that we know can become big.

How do we plan to do that, grow it big? Strato’s passion is to build the coolest stuff possible, to push the envelope and take nothing for granted. We build the best logic into the gear, explore materials and material science and allow the users to explore the limits and push the boundaries. Then comes the critical part, we listen to the users on how to make it better. These are lessons learned from decades of experience, how to interpret feedback and evolve or approach, and the equipment.  We’ve worked with the best pro-athletes in the world, we’ve learned what makes them tick, what the factors are that allow them to go higher with more confidence, to break boundaries and limitations.  We learned a long time ago that we are not in competition with the athletes, we are here to make the sport look good, not an individual inside our company.  Our team is called the Rebel Faction, a group of individuals from all walks of life and experiences, sharing a common vision of a sport that can grown to its maximum potential.

The serious hydro systems that are coming out of Stratospheric have the backup of some of the pioneers in the industry. Our team has a wide range of experience, developing, training, and working with hydro sport gear from the beginning. We build great equipment, designed and manufactured close to where we live, we test and the Rebel Faction flies it around the world.

We live and work in Shanghai, a vibrant booming city, and the place that things get made. In 2013, we established and built our own factory exclusively for manufacturing hydro sport gear, located a short 20 minute bullet train ride away from Shanghai. We control the assembly and testing of all of our gear, that is all we do. 100% concentration. We have tensile strength testing equipment, saltwater immersion and the latest in CAD software for material and design confirmation, but most of all we believe in real-world testing together with our partners around the world, Florida, California, Thailand, Cyprus and in Dubai UAE.

Our experience running the integrated Jetlev unit and then jet ski powered versions around the world gave us the perfect technical basis platform to kick off the X-Jetpack jetpack and then the JetBlade jetboard. This is the experience we bring to each jetpack and each jetboard, based on decades of production around the world.  We have been through building a sport and equipment range several times.  We know experience matters, manufacturing knowledge is critical, but most of all we know listening to the customer is what makes a product better and a market and sport grow.

Stratospheric, the company that reinvented the jetpack and the jetboard, bringing you the next evolutions in hydro flight gear. Contact us today and see how we can get you flying.

  • 2018.4 Hunter Verlander Gold Australia

  • 2018.4 Mike Traster Gold Falcon Jetpack

  • 2017.8 Jake Orel Gold Bermuda

  • 2016.6 Hydro Fest Gold for Ben Merrel

  • 2016.6 Hydro Fest Silver for Hunter and Logan

  • 2016.6 Dual 180 Shotgun U

  • 2016.2 Hunter Trophies at Session One

  • 2016.2 Session One Competition Florida

  • 2015.12 Hunter Verlander Joins X

  • 2015.12 Jake Orel Joins X

  • 2015.11 Jaxx Generation 2

  • 2015.9 Hydro Soul Filmed in Thailand

  • 2015.7 316 Steering Nozzle

  • 2014.9 Ben Merrell Joins X

  • 2104.9 First Jetblades Shipped

  • 2014.7 Jetblade Shakedown Flights

  • 2013.5 Jetblade Design Starts

  • 2013.10 X-Jets Factory Setup

  • 2013.9 First H2X Jetpacks Ship

  • 2013.3 Jetlev Partnership Discussions

  • 2013 Stratospheric Formed

  • 2012 Mallorca Spain R&D Summer

  • 2012 Integrated Jet Ski Re-cap Project

  • 2011 First Jetlev Flyer Unit

  • 2010 First Jetpack Prototype

  • 2000's Manufacturing Processes and Design, China

  • 2000's Safety Gear, Protec, TSG, Various

  • 1998 Olympic Gold Medal Winning Snowboard

  • 1990's Santa Cruz Snowboards

  • 1990's Sims Snowboard Factory California

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