• Scorpion Ninja Jetblade, two views, Flyboard successor, vastly superior in every way!
  • Scorpion Ninja Jetblade

    Full Carbon Fiber flight machine, lowest profile mounting, precision pro-flier equipment.

  • Mighty Jetblade

    Jetblade with new Alloy low profile baseplates in red with RFID tags, three stances 48, 44, and 40 CM center to center.  Beginner and commercial use. *Hydro Power Channel System not included.

  • Jetpack NX €2500

    The original sport water jetpack, full flotation design with stand included. ( *Price for Jetpack only)

  • Scorpion Hybrid Jetblade

    Performance combo, carbon fiber flight chassis, and tempered alloy plates. Aerial flight mastery in three colorways.

Imagine you are flying over the surface of the water in your own water-powered jetpack or jetboard! You have full mobility three-dimensional freedom of movement, soaring as in your dreams! Falling to earth is a rush and a splash in the water, popping back up with a laugh, ready to fly again in an instant!  We build the gear that shapes experiences for friends and family to remember for a lifetime. X-Jets combines design, engineering, safety and most of all, performance.

X·Jets is active in 2023 building the hydroflight base in equipment, and systems.  Hydroflight is an activity for the whole family to enjoy, and when you are ready to step it up to the next level, X·Jets has the gear that gets you flying higher!  Contact us today and let us help you get airborne!

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