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Thrust vector flight.  Thrust vectored flight using a fluid for propulsion. Sounds like our sport of jetpack/jetboard hydro flight. The quote is from 1956.  Fifty eight years ago.  True magazine, “The best selling men’s magazine” December 1956.  We have a copy here in the Stratospheric office, it is great reading. Here is the backbone of […]

NACA, which was the predecessor to NASA, the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics ran from 1915 until 1958 when it transitioned into NASA with the dawn of the space age. These documents are important because they reinforce the first publication and availability to the public of the information. The prior art.   The grandfather document.

What is cool about this document is that toward the end it references further tests outdoors of the jet-platform. Since reference 1 was published (1953) flights on a jet-supported platform were made out-of-doors. Figure 10 shows a typical flight on the jet-supported platform. The riders of such a vehicle had practically no difficulty with the […]

This is the cool one, the uber mack daddy document of the thrust vectored sport.  NACA Research Memorandum, RM L52D10,  “Preliminary Experimental Investigation of the Flight of a Person Supported by a Jet Thrust Device Attached to His Feet”. Detailing Charley Zimmerman’s experiments with hooking up a firehose to a plywood board and kicking off […]

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