At the recent Battle on the Rock event, we once again saw the dedication of jetboard competitors.   For future events, there was talk of different disciplines, jetpacks and jetbikes and how to integrate those other pieces of gear into the competitive format.

We asked ourselves, “what can we do to create the same kind of energy behind jetpacks as exists for boards?”   Jetpacks are fun to ride, fliers like Mike Traster, Mike Helton and Sandy Burns know, but how can we expose more people to the thrill of jetpack flight?

We are going to make a large investment in the future of hydro jetpack flight by substantially reducing the price of our NX jetpacks. Currently the price for a full jetpack kit is $7495, we are reducing the price, effective immediately to $6145  matching the price of our Jetblade complete kit.  For a X-Jetpack NX alone to add to an existing setup, the cost is $2550.

This is a $1350 dollar reduction in the price of our jetpack.  Our aim is that by lowering the cost and the barrier to entry for jetpacks, we can build the number of fliers in the world and get more competitors in place for a healthy future.

This is a full, aluminum frame, full alloy power channels, composite seat, tripod stand, adjustable one pull safety release harness.  There is nothing else on the market that compares, the X-Jetpack has been the leader since the beginning.   In stock and available for immediate delivery, at an incredible price!