We met Dean LaVelle by coincidence in Florida when looking for the ideal wakeboard bindings.  The guy at the Miami Ski Nautique said, “you have a new board? You gotta show Dean.” The connection was made.  Dean jumped on the JetBlade and immediately began ripping it up at his wakeboard school in Pompano Beach Florida.  A […]

We are testing the Sidewinder and keeping everyone updated through Instagram and WhatsApp.  Tim and Russian Paul and the Hydro Shaper are all taking it easy and getting the feel of it.  We send the pics to our partner in Dubai, he writes back, “nice, but can it go high?”.  We give the Sidewinder to […]

We formed Stratospheric Industries, Inc. to build hydro equipment in 2011.  Our first project was to build a better, more accessible hydro jetpack system, the X-Jetpack H3X.  After all if you have such a cool concept it deserves cool well made equipment, the first attempts and making hydro jetpacks were, well, first attempts.  Around the […]

We took Jetlev-Flyer number three to the island of Mallorca and offered rentals and flight training during the summer of 2012.  Mallorca is right in the middle of the action, crystal clear blue waters and some of the best food on the planet.  It wasn’t all fun in the sun though.  Our purpose in being […]

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