We took Jetlev-Flyer number three to the island of Mallorca and offered rentals and flight training during the summer of 2012.  Mallorca is right in the middle of the action, crystal clear blue waters and some of the best food on the planet.  It wasn’t all fun in the sun though.  Our purpose in being there was to work out the new technology and build a new jetpack system. The experience was invaluable in seeing both the users responses and the reaction of super yachts owners to super expensive water sports toys.  It turned out that not even the super rich are parting with 100K for a Jetlev-Flyer.

The second aspect of our trip was equally valuable.  Building a training system and user experience. We worked with the trainers to build a manual and a step by step process for managing the learning process.

We took the hard lessons of users on the jetpacks and built new ways to make the experience a better one for training.  Although Mallorca was far away from out production in Shanghai, we were able to start the tooling and test the concepts.

Big thanks to Russel, Christian and Matthias, see you again in the Balearic Islands!