Lakes, oceans, rocks, flight, connected to a high horsepower engine.  As much fun as hydro flight is, there are clearly risks to the sport. There are obvious risks and there are less obvious risks, the purpose of this page is to point out some of the ways that you can turn a perfectly good day into a very bad one.  We will be filling in the risks sections with a cartoon illustrating the danger, and suggestions on how to avoid getting caught in the situation. Hopefully by making it memorable, we can keep all of you safer out there. X cares.  For suggestions on other dumb stuff that is possible, send us a note at


Backflip to knee to face to unconscious.  Leave the advanced maneuvers to proper training after mastering the basics.


If you don’t know what lies under the water, don’t dive headfirst into it.

beach dolphin

Leave the sand dives to the volleyball players, keep in deep water.

bridge butt bang


Obstacles and obstructions are not only under or on the surface, when you are flying be fully aware of the 3D environment in all directions!

shallow slam

Minimum two meters of water to start, four meters of water for any height above two meters.

lightning strike 2

Storms, wind, lightning, this is your brain on 1,000,000 volts. Don’t.

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