Excellent scientific explanation of the physics in play in a water thrust powered jetpack (or jetboard).  Watch and learn!

The China Team video from 2015 in Qingdao, when they got their first couple Jetblades after using the French brand for the past few seasons for shows.  They love the durability and the construction and have enhanced the team cooperation with X for the summer of 2016.  China is going to be a great model […]

Great video from Aquajet Miami! Here is their accompanying description and info: Come on Miami’s water and board onto the adventure of a lifetime with AquaJet Miami! After booking online you’ll board onto our luxury yacht! Get a tour of the Miami’s bay and finally experience a safe and exhilarating flight on our Jetpacks! Experience […]

This video by Rush Bragg as mentioned in the Facebook discussion shows you how to prepare a Pro Series Flyboard for “professional” use.  As contrast, keep in mind that all Jetblades and X-Jetpacks come out of the box ready for professional use and are designed with the rigors of real world use in mind.  Jetblade […]

The first time you fly a jetpack you are immediately surprised to find that you are in fact sitting on the seat like a bicycle and your weight is all being carried by the saddle.  

Time to clean out or replace your nozzle bearings?  We built the Jetblade with maintenance in mind. Follow the steps in the video to disassemble the Jetblade nozzles and clean the bearings. Jetblade bearings are designed to be used without lubrication and have a small water wash port that is designed to keep water flowing […]

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