Time to clean out or replace your nozzle bearings?  We built the Jetblade with maintenance in mind. Follow the steps in the video to disassemble the Jetblade nozzles and clean the bearings.

Jetblade bearings are designed to be used without lubrication and have a small water wash port that is designed to keep water flowing through the system during use. If the nozzle rotation feels gritty, there may be grit stuck in the bearings and requires disassembly in order to clean out.  After use for a season in a sandy environment, it also may be time to replace your bearings or o-rings as the wear can slightly decrease the Delrin ball diameters and allow more play in the nozzle races.  O-rings can flat spot over time and the nozzle bearing joints will start to show water leakage. Each nozzle takes about five to ten minutes to empty the bearings and take apart, if there is a lot of grit in the system, running water through one load port hole is a good way to wash the bearing out the other load port hole.  Each race contains a minimum of 30-32 Delrin ball bearings.  Bearing replacement kits can be found on our spare parts page or through your local dealer.