Spare Parts

LeMans Hose, 20 Meter Length

116mm inner diameter smooth bore inside and out for the lowest drag in the water and the smoothest fastest flow on the inside. Polyurethane coated inside and out for wear resistance and strength. Outside laminated covering prevents, fiber abrasion, mold in the fabric, water soak, and coral rips. Triplex weave polyester high tensile strength custom woven sock.

$$995 (hose only)

Super Clamp 110-120mm

Marine Grade 316 Stainless steel , double bolt, hex cap, super tough hose locking clamps. with aircraft locking nuts. Set of four pieces. Size 110-120 is for hose connections.

$118 set of four

Baseplate Assembly

Baseplate Assembly Left, left baseplate, two CNC stainless inserts, plastic slider insert, mounting screws.


Rotary Port Cap

Port cap of rotary to contain 12.7 mm Delrin ball bearings.


SeaDoo Adapter Assembly

Adapter for SeaDoo Personal Watercraft, Gravity cast alloy part with Plunger Speed Clamp


Kawasaki Adapter Assembly

Adapter for Kawasaki Jet Skis, Gravity cast alloy part with Plunger Speed Clamp


Yamaha Adapter Assembly

Adapter for Yamaha Waverunners, Gravity cast alloy part with Plunger Speed Clamp


Rotary Connection Assembly

Complete rotary set for 360 degree swivel at exit end of power hose.


Rotary Outer

CNC machined, hard anodized, aluminum alloy outer bearing race and hose connection barb.


Rotary Inner

CNC machined, hard anodized Aluminum alloy inner bearing race and flange connection.


Hose Reinforcement Loop Set

External, flexible, high strength loops for containment of U 180 Pipe.


U 180 End Barb Inlet

CNC machined, hard anodized black flanged U 180 End Barb.

$147 each

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