Power Channel Features

Individual features of the X-Jets Power Channel System

  • Tension X Sleeve

    Takes the load pressure and reduces the hose waves that can impact the jet ski. The Tension X Sleeve give the most secure linkage between the power channel hose and the jet ski bow.

  • Super Clamps 316

    Super durable "Super Clamps" dual bolt, 316 stainless steel band clamps, dual bolt. Tight connections, no blow-offs, twice the pressure distribution. Heavy gauge metal in the critical location.

  • Adapter, Focused Power

    CNC cut flanges on gravity cast aluminum marine grade alloy. One adapter per brand of jet ski keeps mounting tight and clear.

  • Speed Clamp Technical Advert

    When we came to play, we brought serious metal. These clamps are designed by us for real world hydro jet usage. Big fat strong pins lock things together and open with ease. All marine grade 316 stainless steel.

  • LeMans Hose

    Triplex weave polyester high tensile strength custom woven sock provides the unbreakable strength that you can count on to pull the highest, windyest tricks and not have to worry that you will rippy your hose in half. We tested to the extremes with the hardest riders torquing and twisting the hose in new directions.