LeMans Hose

Hydro flight is all about the power tether between the flight platform, and the “base unit”.  The firehose, in common use since the first jetboard version in 1952, has been built in related constructions for over a century.  Stratospheric has become well versed in the construction and details of how the hydro flight hoses work and the various technical methods to build them. We have visited factories, studied the many weaves and lamination constructions  and had conferences with the engineers on the best systems for use with hydro jetpacks and jetblades.  We are and working with the best riders in the business to evaluate our power channels for performance and durability.

The result of our work is our latest power hose, the “LeMans” with the two distinctive orange stripes.  116mm inner diameter smooth bore inside and out for the lowest drag in the water and the smoothest fastest flow on the inside.  Polyurethane coated inside and out for wear resistance and strength.  Built to be rode hard and put away wet like all of our current hoses.  Outside jacket prevents, fiber abrasion, mold in the fabric, water soak, and coral rips.  Triplex weave polyester high tensile strength custom woven sock provides the unbreakable strength that you can count on to pull the highest, windyest tricks and not have to worry that you will rippy your hose in half.  We tested to the extremes with the hardest riders torquing and twisting the hose in new directions.  The name comes from the famous 24 hour car race, the Steve McQueen movie and the iconic race stripes that mean endurance. LeMans goes the distance.

LeMans is a hard core durable hose for riders to push the limits and businesses to count on.  However, if you are looking for a softer disposable hose that threatens to blows out in the middle of a hard ride, you probably already know where to look.