Scratching our heads on this one.  Did they name the 2014 Flyboard Cup after us, X-Jets? Are they so impressed with our X name that team Z is trying to co-opt a cool factor?  Did their organizers in Dubai go off the reservation and try to  make plans for the future when the hydro sport is open to real competition, X-Games style?  A puzzler for sure, but we like the compliment.

One thing we do know is that we are not invited.  We have been told point blank by the organizers and by the head of the brand. Riders on Jetblades are not allowed. The winning quote “this is a private event and is not open to competitors on products from other brands”.   We know that riders on Jetblades would clean up, so we understand why they won’t let us in.   That naturally call into question why call it a World Cup?  Just call it the Private Flyboard Cup 2014 Invitational and cut the pretense.

Since we can discuss it, but the Flyboard “press” cannot, what is up with the judging?? What are the prizes being offered for this main “event”?