X-Jets Jetblades and X-Jetpacks operate in a tandem config with two people. The operator on the watercraft (“throttleman”) has control of the engine throttle and operates the hydro jetboard in conjunction with the pilot.  The throttleman gauges the amount of thrust needed and is in constant observation of the pilot who can communicate with simple hand signals.  Thumb up, thumb down.  The pilot controls the direction of travel and whether to use any available power to go forward or to fly more vertically with less forward speed.  The throttleman is responsible for the safety and well being of the pilot on the jetboard as well as surveying the surrounding conditions. The throttleman has the ability to safely lower the pilot to the water level if any condition or situation requires it.  This is a buddy system like in scuba diving, just a little more closely linked.  This is a built in safety factor for beginners all the way to the highest levels.  It also leaves the machine that supplies the power, the jet ski or PWC, with an unmodified engine control system.  Nice and easy.

Naturally many people want to be able to control the throttle themselves. Although in the early stages of learning they are busy enough staying balanced and learning to move in the air without having the additional worries of controlling an engine.  For the users that want to move to this method of riding, there are throttle control systems that work from the pilot.  One such system is produced by Flytronics LLC and it is a wireless system.  Flytronics is run by Ben Merrell and Jeff Elkins.  You can find out more about their wireless jet ski control systems at Flytronics.com