Mike Helton

Mike Helton has made a name for himself in the budding hydrosports industry, both as a rental center owner/operator and as a hydroflight performer. Helton is known for his aggressive style of flight on the jetpack and is a member of the Jetpack Invasion night performance team. The continued innovation of hydrosports motivates him to learn and improve, while constantly pushing the envelope. Helton credits his years as a multi-engine rated pilot for teaching him the dynamics of flight and says he gets more thrills in a jetpack than he ever experienced in a cockpit. When not performing, he loves introducing new students to the joy of this dynamic sport at his rental business in coastal Georgia, ICW Hydrosports.

Jetpack Invasion has been delighting American audiences for almost a year, with new equipment and talent being added with almost every new show. Spearheaded by inventor Jeff Elkins, maker of the Shark remote throttle, the team uses LED suits and rigs to illuminate its jet board and jetpack flyers in a dazzling light and water display. Described as everything from human fireworks to superheroes, Jetpack Invasion’s world-class performers flip, turn and dance to create a lava-like effect in any body of water.