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A jet ski is a high performance engine connected to a high volume water pump.  Although a jet ski was developed for sport and recreation, the efficiency of the package has been adapted to practical uses.  One of the most practical uses has been developed by the Deep Blue Sea company in Dubai, working with […]

Scotty’s gonzo jetpack style was on full display at Nishikinohama Park during the JABA Aquaboard Championship, October 21-22, 2016. Full enthusiasm and expressing the larger than life thrill of riding a jetpack was evident in every moment of Scotty’s runs. Scott took home a second place to his team mate Mike, but left an impression […]

All sports start with, or eventually develop a “soul”, a connected set of underlying themes and principles driving the participants.  The soul can be hidden, uncovered in steps and emerge over time, it can also become co-opted, molded by motives and commercial interests.  We saw unusual trends in hydro sport, we talked to people about the […]

Bel Aerosystems started company-sponsored exploratory work on the concept, under Moore’s direction, in 1957 after becoming aware of the U.S. Army’s (TRECOM) interest in individual aerial mobility. A tethered system was used with pressurized nitrogen gas as the rocket propellant during the initial efforts.