Hydroflight is serious, in all kinds of ways. Serious fun most of all, and a serious pursuit in the aerial marine environment.  Stratospheric Industries, aka X, takes every aspect of hydroflight equipment production seriously.  You see it reflected in how our products look and how they perform.  We are building ‘gear’ in a gearhead tradition and we build it the best with no compromises.  The sports equipment that we love is all serious, tech and cool, mountain bikes, snowboards, skateboards, diving equipment, skydiving equipment, cars, the list goes on.  Tuned by generations of designers and built to excel for the tasks at hand, defying gravity and creating thrills.  Tough dependable materials are more expensive and require greater skills to produce, but are worth their weight in gold when your pushing the boundaries of what is possible.  It is a choice, a fork in the road that manufacturers take, the high road and the low road. There are quicker, cheaper methods to mass produce products, we have always been able to look back and say, we built it right.  There has always been mass produced throwaway gear available at a cheaper price. Cheap gear doesn’t last the test of time and worse, can let down riders in the middle of a run. We know the coolness of the sport and want the gear to be just as cool.

The idea that our sons or daughters can pull an X-Jetpack or Jetblade out of the garage ten years from now and still have it be functional is a real inspiration to the way we work. (*firehose is always the big caveat for eternal life! It has its limits.  We are working on that also 🙂 )  Our responsibility is not only to make safe gear that performs at the top of its category, but to respect the hard work of people building businesses and sports careers around hydroflight.    Riders and companies that use X products know that we are committed to bringing the best solutions to hydroflight and continuing to enhance the core aspects of jetpacks and jetboards without distractions.

We use the hastag #seriousmetal , we apply the approach of serious design to everything we do.  Trust X to keep building stuff that has your back, and lasts.