Rental Operation Gear

Looking to start a hydroflight rental business or add to an existing watersport business with the addition of exciting hydroflight gear?  There are many factors that contribute to a successful operation and it is a substantial business venture.  We can offer the best equipment which is part of the equation, here are some of the details to include in your business planning.

Let’s start with the factors that X-Jets can control, the key factors to look for in equipment for rental use:

  • Durability and up and running time.  No other brand on the market offers the durability and smooth clean operation of X-Jets.  Our systems are engineered to have a low parts count and simple direct engineering.  No complex part assemblies, a minimum of tools, no tiny part clips or buttons, everything is designed for the real world.  We show you clear pictures and information on all of our systems.  Compare what is available on the rental equipment market, although there is cheaper equipment available, X-Jets give you the peace of mind that your equipment will keep you up and running with a minimum of downtime.
  • Equipment that is up to the task. Durable design with metal construction.  Aluminum alloy is the proven sport material, there are plastic solutions from other manufacturers, plastic is cheaper, and you get what you pay for.
  • Easy conversion of the jet ski with a dependable connection system.  X-Jets gear bolts into the same mounting pattern as the original PWC system.  Other systems have copied a rotating locking adapter plate system with small pins and bolts that frequently break.  No X-Jets adapter venturi has ever broken in four years of commercial and private use, zero, period.
  • Fits a wider range of customers with the ability to adapt for extremes in sizes, smaller or larger riders.

Other factors to consider outside of equipment”

  • Location, business operation, local regulations, advertising, seasonal limitations.
  • Proper and certified training of your staff. Our distributor can get you up to speed.
  • Location that has correct waterway rights, compatible entry and exit of the water, and a sufficient and safe operating depth.


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