Safety is our number one concern.  Although this is an action sport and there are risks as with any water based sport, there are ways to minimize the risks and make a safer solution for the participants and riders. We spotted the first flaw in hydro jetpacks, the Jetlev, in the first video we saw.  Face down floatation! What sport equipment floats you face down?  We designed our X-Jetpack to assist you in floating face up, we knew from the start not to cut corners on safety.  Then we designed a secure, simple, rust proof, sand proof, ocean proof release mechanism.  One pull of the tactile coded pull strap and you are free of the jetpack.

Then came the jetboard.  Our first lesson on a Flyboard, the instructor ties the boots tight, then wraps the long laces around the legs and tucks them into the boot.  What if you need to get out in a hurry? Then we heard the stories of people that needed to get out in a hurry and could not.  Chilling. We designed the upward facing, toe side oriented Big Pin Clamp with release leash to allow one pull separation of the Jetblade and the hose.  If an instructor needs to get you released in a hurry, the clamp allows a one pull connection point.  We also recommend the use of velcro strapped wakeboard bindings that allow you to get out fast.  This is to account for two main dangers, the hose gets stuck on something under the water and does not allow you to surface, or a passing boat goes over the hose and drags the ski and the rider along.