Quality Construction, Materials and Processes

We build our product where we work and live, Shanghai China.   Collectively, we at Stratospheric / X-Jetpacks have decades of experience working and manufacturing in China.  The world is now familiar with the growth of manufacturing in China over the past decade.  We came here not because of building things cheaply, we came because it is the place that things are built.

We are obsessed not only with hydro flight, also with materials and processes.  Every material and process is available in China and ready to be built into something.  Those willing to put the effort in, commit to the development, the tooling and the patience to get it right.  We have been developing our hydro flight jetpack here in Shanghai, for the past couple years, perfect the product and the production methods.

Building quality sports equipment for an affordable price is a challenge anywhere in the world.  All of the industrial processes are here, all of the materials are now here. From marine grade materials that can stand the rigors of salt water exposure, to CNC serial production,  to composite lay up manufacturers, everything to do with production and materials is here and close-by.  All of our sub part and assembly suppliers are located within a short distance of Shanghai.  We are able to insure a constant watch on production and be able to maintain our quality standards.  We have built a network of suppliers and fabricators that can meet all of our demanding requirements. We have built our own test methods to confirm the equipment for our unique sport of hydro flight.

No compromises.  We have used all the best materials and processes to build the X-Jetpacks.  We built what we fly ourselves.

Cost.  We have been in sports equipment for our entire careers, we know that younger people build sports, push the boundaries. We knew from the very beginning that we had to make equipment that normal people could afford.  Each design and engineering choice we make is driven by several requirements.  Safety, performance, affordability, durability, and manufacturability.  In the end we established the supply chain that could deliver a product below 10,000 dollars, our target.


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