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Hydro jetboards needed a serious kick in the ass to match the abilities of the pro riders, the Jetblade is the boot doing the kicking.  Very little beats the thrill of hydro flight.  Standing and balancing on a board in mid-air ranks near the top of adventure dreams. We got into this because of the amazing feeling of being able steer yourself through the through the air with the “cushion” of the water to offset the inevitable return to earth impacts!  Never before in the history of mankind has practicing to fly and push the limits been so accessible and safe.  (Safe is a relative term! Read our precautions page for ways to keep your hydro flight experience safe.)  Stratospheric cares about quality and it shows in everything we do.  Laser etched serial numbers, clearly marked stance widths, easy to maintain with 100% marine grade (salt water) materials.

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