Terminology General

  • Bicycle Turns

    Pilot using a wide angle on a turn NOT dropping their shoulder, instead using body lean and minute hand adjustments.

  • Free Flight

    Pilot position where pilot is not touching water.

  • High Taxi

    Just feet in water drag adds a small amount of stability. The pilot is controlling the thrust and has reached a "Forces in Balance" state, forward motion and the lift are in balance.

  • Mid Taxi

    Waist, hips in water, medium drag, a little bit of lift. Drag provides stability but the pilot is learning now to control the thrust to provide lift and forward propulsion.

  • Low Taxi

    Chest, shoulders in water, lots of drag, no lift, drag provides stability to learn to steer. Tiring for long periods of time.

  • Pilot

    Person flying the jetpack. Secured in the harness of the jetpack and directing the thrust of the jets.

  • Throttleman

    Driver of jet ski, controlling the throttle. The person in charge and responsible for the pilot.

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