Scorpion Features

  • RFID/NFC Tags

    NFC Short-range digital tags provide internet-connected manufacturing and digital owner information with a tap of a smartphone.

  • Stance Options

    Three stance width option machined into each solid carbon fiber plate. Narrow to wide, customize and fly.

  • Scorpion Ninja Insert Bridge

    Carbon fiber bridge inverts inner binding screw, allowing the lowest mounting profile over the nozzle rotation axis.

  • Ultra Release Collar

    Ultra light, ultra low profile, breakaway safety design for rapid emergency exits. 90-degree angles lock solid and remain bind-free in every situation.

  • Carbon Nozzle

    Integrated nozzle units. Carbon fiber, billet CNC alloy bearing races, 94A plate mounts, machined 316 inserts internally bonded.

  • Carbon Y Pipe

    Hand layup carbon fiber, billet CNC, precise smooth bearing races.

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