Jetpack Features

Individual features of the X-Jetpack

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Lifetime Warranty on the main parts, Y pipe and nozzles. For the life of your product, (eight years) we will replace a defective Y pipe or nozzle. We give you confidence in serious metal.

  • Big Pin Speed Clamp

    316 Stainless, Quick Disconnect, large diameter pin, welded ring, sewn webbing pull strap. When you want to uncouple a connection, this is the best solution on the market. click, snap, open.

  • Catcher’s Mitt

    A flexible way to keep your head from going backwards too hard, the X-Jets Catcher's Mitt. We truely don't believe that a hard fiberglass shell is the softest place for your head to rest when you faceplant. P.S. Lessons from qualified trainers will greatly increase your airtime.

  • Strap Pockets

    New for the NX, injection molded strap ends and convenient strap end pockets to keep you Facebook hero shots looking clean.

  • Composite Saddle

    Keeping your legs from swaying side to side is the number one key to stability and comfort. We developed the biggest advancement in jetpack comfort in decades. Our composite saddle provides control and stability without even thinking about it.

  • 316 Stainless Steel Hardware

    316 (aka W5) Stainless steel is the grade designed for salt water ocean use. Wec use it everywhere there is hardware and a tight strong, rust resistant connection is needed.

  • Plunger Pin Speed Clamps

    Pull the pin and open the jaws. Custom made by Stratospheric, our "big pin" Plunger Pin Speed Clamps hold it all together.

  • Safety Release, Custom

    316 Stainless Steel, Custom designed and built by Stratospheric. Holds you in and yet releases with one swift pull.

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