• Tripod Stand

    Fiberglass and aluminum alloy stand for storage, fitting pilots and display. Stable tripod design works on all surfaces.

  • Nozzles

    Our custom engineered solution is for two rows of 6mm polymer bearings with double rubber o-rings to keep the effort the same when the power pressure is high. Smooth stable flight from the first ride.

  • Optimum Water Channels

    Engineered marine alloy sandcast water ducts channels. Hard anodized and high temperature powdercoated.

  • 6 Point Harness

    Six points. Zero crotch contact. Two shoulders, two hips, two thigh belts. 100% stainless construction, user serviceable, low count moving parts. True brilliance in design.

  • Composite Fiber Saddle

    We engineered and built a saddle that not only provides comfort but keeps your body from swaying side to side and front and back. The result, more stability and control without extra effort. Fly straight.

  • Torsion Bar System

    Close to centerline torsion bar, solid nylon 66 bar. Go ahead and pick it up here, it is tough enough.

  • Wide “V” Roll-bar

    Learning any new sport can sometimes be bumpy. We wrap our roll-bar around the sides of the top of the jetpack to keep you from bumping into things while waiting in the water. Lateral thinking.

  • Padded Harness

    We knew that comfort is a huge part of any sport. Our padded straps keep the harness belts off your neck. Holding you in place for a stable sport ride. Look ahead.

  • Delrin Backplane

    The back plane chassis for structure of the floatation padding and harness support made from cast Delrin plate custom machined. Bulletproof support.

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