Summer of swivels, 2016.  Way back in “the day” when you learned to ride a jetpack, you learned that when you spun right, you counted how many times, and then you spun left the same number.  When you spin on a board or a jetpack, the hose spins with you, the 360 swivels were designed in on the connection to the hose reduce this spiraling effect and permit freedom. For normal riders this is enough, the tension is eliminated from the hose.  As advanced riders pushed the envelope, the spiral or twist of the hose limited the tricks and the speed at which they could do the tricks.  Too much twist and the hose can kink and shut off the flow of water.  Different approaches have been attempted to look for a solution and where to take out the twist.

ZR released a new U pipe SKU with a second one of their “swivels” built into the end.  Same diameter as the hose end and located at the back of the jet ski with the redirect.  The swivel is the same as the one mounted below the board. One row of bearings and an inadequate seal featuring junky cast “tech”. From the Zapata Racing website: “Double Swivel / Dual Swivel System is a modified u-pipe with a swivel at its end allowing the hose to rotate freely and avoid knots, especially during freestyle figures but also during initiations for beginners.”

Young Nick Homer and his brand “Defy” released a concept with half the distance covered by a large 6″ hose, the second half covered by a small diameter 4 inch hose and a rotary swivel in the middle.   We have not seen any details on this setup and as not sure the details of the swivel connection used or the floatation method to pad it and keep it from sinking.

X has added the option of an additional swivel to “unwind” the hose, we call it the Nose 360. We have determined is the best place for this unwinding junction to be the nose of the jet ski.  One section of the joint can be attached to the bow hook and secured and the other section can freely rotate without restrictions caused by the leash.

Back story: With the orange stripes in the Lemans style hoses, you can see the evidence in the candy cane effect of spiraling.  Starting in early 2015,  Frazier Grandison and Dean LaVelle experimented with a swivel at the front to the jet ski, in order to unwind the hose twist that Dean’s aggressive tricks were causing.