One of the main questions we are asked, “what is the minimum horsepower required to fly an X-Jetpack or a Jetblade?”  First off, all machines are not created equal, the normal recommendation is the same as any performance sport, the higher the horsepower the faster and higher you will go.   However, for rental operations fuel economy and a solid dependable machine that gets good performance is what is needed.

Basic minimums, 2-stroke engines will not have enough power to run a hydro jet device, the starting point is a 4-stroke engine.

Several rental operations have had good success running an entry level SeaDoo 130, importantly is the addition of a after market dual impeller from Skat-Trak or Solas.

All jet skis can benefit from the addition of a dual impeller, also called a preloader. There are two companies that manufacture dual impellers.  For more information, see our model specific posts on the Hydro Good Machines© page.