Sidewinder, a snake that moves sideways across the sand.  An air to air missile.  A hydro UFS, Under Foot Symmetrical jets  made by Stratospheric Industries, Inc.  So why do we call this amazing hydro jet device a Sidewinder?  It is about the motion through the air.  The unlocked foot angle control is night and day different from pre-existing “jetboards”.  It is like the difference between riding a skateboard and riding a roller cart with swivel wheels.  We first saw independent swivel jets on a FlyJet out of Russia in 2012, the yaw motion was great, swiveling around the body’s axis, we had the same motion in a jetpack and it seemed kind of obvious, but it was an eye opener none the less. We knew we had to include it on our unit.  Now, what to call the product itself?  JetBlade.  The model, Sidewinder, the thing, JetBlade.