Jetblade Advanced

The Jetblade is a serious fun machine!

If you have experienced jetboard hydroflight and are ready to take your flying to the next level, the Jetblade is for you! Advanced riding means starting to experiment with some of the tricks and maneuvers that take practice, experience and properly tuned equipment to pull off. Nearly everyone is flying in the first five minutes on a Jetblade, turning and balancing on your own. When you are lucky enough to have some time in, riders want to progress to the next levels. This is where the advanced options of the Jetblade come into play. You’ll never have buyer’s regret with the Jetblade, durable construction will last multiple seasons and as many fliers as you can throw at it!

X offers several different configuration to meet your performance needs. This recommended setup for advanced users consists of the 20 meter LeMans hose, Dual180 redirect and the Nose360 swivel at the front of the ski to release twists in the hose generated by advanced movements.


X-Jets Jetblade

Never before in the history of mankind has practicing to fly and push the limits been so accessible and safe.  (Safe is a relative term! Read our precautions page for ways to keep your hydro flight experience safe.)  Stratospheric cares about quality and it shows in everything we do.  Laser etched serial numbers, clearly marked stance widths, easy to maintain with 100% marine grade (salt water) materials.

Durable Marine Construction. Starting from the back of the jet ski and working forward, here is what makes an X-Jets system solid.

  • Adapter based on PWC Original Equipment Design, the same four bolts mount the adapter to your jet ski, no extra connections adapter plates or connection kits needed,  Simple pure efficient design.
  • Dual 180 redirect turn the water around and sends it in the forward direction where it is directed to personal flight propulsion! Large throat diameter, dual chambers to minimize turbulence.
  • Quick connectors with large diameters pins for easy assembly and dis-assembly.  The hose has a connector on both eneds to is can be broken down for storage and transportation.
  • Jacketed Polyurethane hose, inside and out protection for long life and protection against abrasion.
  • Billet CNC fittings on all hose connections.
  • 316 double bolts clamps, W5, 316 stainless steel.
  • Sealed, o-ring connections, no leaky leaky water spray.
  • Compatibility with all wakeboard boots and bindings.  There are some awesome boots out there, we designed our mounting system to be compatible with all wakeboard bindings.  We build a modular system that allows you to choose the right binding for you from a local dealer. Choice is good, personalization is the key!
  • Sport design for pure action and enjoyment of flight.  We know you have a choice of equipment, we build the best to support your days in the air! We get you flying fast and give you the tools to progress to wherever your skills take you.
  • Pure hydroflight gear as it is meant to be, durable materials, clean connections, good design.

  • Lifetime Warranty

    Lifetime Warranty on the main parts, Y pipe and nozzles. For the life of your product, (eight years) we will replace a defective Y pipe or nozzle. We give you confidence in serious metal.

  • Big Pin Speed Clamp

    316 Stainless, Quick Disconnect, large diameter pin, welded ring, sewn webbing pull strap. When you want to uncouple a connection, this is the best solution on the market. click, snap, open.

  • Dual Row Bearings

    Dual row sealed bearings under each foot, Stratospheric brought this construction to the hydro world back in 2012, this is the way to harness the power and keep it smoothly under control. Clean power, durable. Easy to maintain with no peanut butter needed. :)

  • Adjustable Stance Width

    Adjustable stance width. We know that people come in different sizes, we build for all, not just the smallest common denominator, stance widths from 38 to 42 centimeters. Rails allow limitless positioning. Ergonomic and more like the other boards you ride. Don't get stuck stinkbug or hardbooter.

  • Stubby Nunchuks

    Quad grab bars, aka stubby nunchuks, modified hydrophilic Nylon. Free your feet and open the doors to new directions in movement. Indy Jets. Takes out the "board" and the boredom at the same time. Grab 'n go.

  • TriDro Nozzles

    TriDro Tube nozzle design, straight down for power, induced flow five degree kick for stability. Pure directed power with intelligence in design. More tech in the interior flow than all other jetboards combined. Look at the flow. Clean, powerful, no shudder breaks.

  • Rotomolded Floats

    Durable High Density rotationally molded, marine foam filled floats. Floatation with style and low drag in the water. Visual harmony, safety backup.

  • Hydro Shaped Y

    Hydro Shaped Y tube from the HydroShaper. Computer designed and engineered, but the proof is in the putting, look at the clean powerful flow of the jets. Compact power with focused triangulated jets to stabilize and balance.

  • Super Clamps 316

    Super durable "Super Clamps" dual bolt, 316 stainless steel band clamps, dual bolt. Tight connections, no blow-offs, twice the pressure distribution. Heavy gauge metal in the critical location.