Sometimes we feel like we are back in high school, we wear an Iron Maiden t-shirt on Wednesday, and on Thursday, “that guy”, shows up again a day later, wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt and crossing his arms just like us.  We are flattered to be so many people’s role model.  We hope that all members of the hydroflight industry will follow the same principles that we try to adhere to:

  • Good design that allows anyone to participate in the sport.
  • Building gear from high strength materials that can hold up to foreseen uses.*  Gear that holds up to rental and backflips, (which have been considered ‘normal’ for the past four years.)
  • Explaining the technology in clear, concise and free from massive exaggerations.
  • Selling product and accepting payment only when the product is finished and ready to be delivered.  No deposits, no prepayments,  no months away promised and broken delivery dates.

*We can imagine someone might come up with cinderblock polo using a Flyboard as a mallet, we cannot “foresee” it with a Jetblade. 🙂