06Sep 2017

Development of the hydro·score live competition scoring app has been in development since 2014.  The latest competition in Bermuda, Battle on the Rock, aka BOTR, showcased  hydro·score live in a new customized version to great success.  The stats behind the scenes tell the story.  2183 individual “instant scores”, 107 registered single rider sessions (some partial and restarts)

As with much of what we at Stratospheric do, we take existing examples in sport and determine the gap between the execution and the goals. These efforts are to drive forward the growth of hydrosport competitions, somehting that we value as essential for the advancement of the industry.  See our post here regarding the benefits of competitive efforts. hydro·score’s driving factor of creation was hydrosport needing a new system.

What would hydro·score live look like had it been developed without reacting against the previous “standard” that existed in hydroflight? We know it would be good, it would just not be as good, having been developed with the drive to be better.  In reaction and contrast, we put transparency and immediate feedback at the top of the list of features, calculation and visibility.

Each competition results in a new version of hydro·score live, bringing to fruition new capabilities, the BOTR version included five different categories and weighting of those category averages into the final score result.  In Bermuda, the judges used instantaneous scoring entry through number pads which displayed on a large LED wall overlaid on the live video of the rider.

How it worked at BOTR:

  • Instant scores.  These are displayed live on the large LED video during the actual run of the rider.  The purpose of these scores is to provide notes for the judges to determine their final score, and feedback for the audience to get a glimpse into the impression of the judges as the run progresses. Each of these scores is entered into a database with a millisceond timestamp for posterity.
  • Final Judges Scores at the conclusion of the run.  Using the “instant scores” as a basis, each judge entered scores into their laptops in five different categories.  Technical execution, Variety of moves during a run, Intensity of the run, and overall Flow, all of these factors and the judges impression distilled into the final category, overall Impression.
  • Notes.  Each judge enters notes into his laptop at the conclusion of the scoring process.  This moment is critical as these impressions are at their freshest.
  • The hydro·score live application then averaged all of the category scores from each of the judges, average technical, average variety, etc, and then weighted each of these category and combined for a final score.
  • Technical impression was worth 15% of the final score.
  • Variety impression was worth 15% of the final score.
  • Intensity impression was worth 15% of the final score.
  • Flow impression was worth 15% of the final score.
  • Finally Overall Impression was worth a higher percentage, representing 40% of the final score.
  • Each factor is based on a 1-100 scale and the final maximum score, 15 + 15 + 15 + 15 +40 would equal a perfect score of 100 points.

Here are some scenarios that were discussed and workshopped with the judging team ahead of time.

A rider executes a run of only perfectly executed doubles, smoothly transitioning from one to another, intense, high, no pauses, absolute double back perfection.  How would this potentially be scored?  Technical 100 pts, Variety 0 pts, Intensity 100 pts, Flow could also be 100 pts, then the biggest factor, overall Impression, a judge here could reasonably say, “I was bored after the first two backflips, this is a high level competition and we expect more” and give a score of 30 out of 100.  The total in this case would be 15 + 0 + 15 + 15 + 12 = 57 pts.

Another rider goes big, attempts some impressive tricks, a front flip but misses the landing, does a high triple but lands ankle deep, takes all kinds of risks and throws things not seen before but misses landings.  Technical would be a partial score deducted for missed landings but weighted for high risk 80 pts, Intensity 90, Variety 100, Flow 90, and overall Impression might be high for a given judge 90 for example.  12 + 13.5 + 15 + 13.5 + 36 = 90 pts.

Final example. A rider throws every trick into a run in a frenetic, pinballesque romp, non stop nervous crazy energy, technically complete but low and jangly.   Technical 100 pts, Variety 100 pts, Intensity 100 pts, Flow 10 pts, Overall Impression 60 pts. 15 + 15 + 15 + 1.5 + 24 = 70.5 total points.

These examples illustrate a score that would more reflect the impression of the audience and the enjoyment of watching the elements come together in a balance.  This is what we stirved for at BOTR and by all accounts achieved.

Stratospheric has been developing a scoring system for hydroflight competition

05Sep 2017

At the recent Battle on the Rock event, we once again saw the dedication of jetboard competitors.   For future events, there was talk of different disciplines, jetpacks and jetbikes and how to integrate those other pieces of gear into the competitive format.

We asked ourselves, “what can we do to create the same kind of energy behind jetpacks as exists for boards?”   Jetpacks are fun to ride, fliers like Mike Traster, Mike Helton and Sandy Burns know, but how can we expose more people to the thrill of jetpack flight?

We are going to make a large investment in the future of hydro jetpack flight by substantially reducing the price of our NX jetpacks. Currently the price for a full jetpack kit is $7495, we are reducing the price, effective immediately to $6145  matching the price of our Jetblade complete kit.  For a X-Jetpack NX alone to add to an existing setup, the cost is $2550.

This is a $1350 dollar reduction in the price of our jetpack.  Our aim is that by lowering the cost and the barrier to entry for jetpacks, we can build the number of fliers in the world and get more competitors in place for a healthy future.

This is a full, aluminum frame, full alloy power channels, composite seat, tripod stand, adjustable one pull safety release harness.  There is nothing else on the market that compares, the X-Jetpack has been the leader since the beginning.   In stock and available for immediate delivery, at an incredible price!

05Sep 2017

Hamilton Bermuda was the host city for “Battle on the Rock” August 25th – 27th, 2017.  Hard not to describe this trip in superlatives, so we won’t hold back!

The opinion was universal from all that attended, we had an amazing event at Battle on the Rock!  Hydroflight came together with participants from the X-Jets team, fliers on Flyboards, Flydive and Defy gear.  The best battled the best for a shot at the podium in the sports first international hydroflight competition of the year.  23 Riders from across the hydroflight spectrum competed from qualifying to the battle round finals.

Jake Orel, riding the X-Jets Scorpion rose to the top of the field, edging out Sean Ray in the final round, earning the top of the podium with consistent precision flying that impressed the judges.

X would like to thank all that participated in organizing, running and competing in this ground breaking event. Continue reading

02Jun 2017

Excellent scientific explanation of the physics in play in a water thrust powered jetpack (or jetboard).  Watch and learn!

23May 2017

Riders come in all sizes, Jetblades are designed for each rider to be able to find their optimum width for comfort and stability, not too wide, not too narrow, just right! Riders as young as 9 years old can fly with careful parental supervision. (For riders under 18, parental supervision and acknowledgement of the riders physical limitations and the risks of hydroflight over open water is paramount! Use proper judgement and take advantage of proper training and safety equipment.)

Stance width is not a fixed formula, outside shoulder width is a good starting point for a freestyle stance.  For advanced maneuvers where sideways tweaking in important and knee angles come into play, wider stances can allow more flexibility.  For beginners, wider stances can offer a bit more stability as long as not uncomfortably wide, for example, children riding wide stance adult boards.  All of this is dependent on the individual riders physical geometry and musculature.  Jetblades come with inserts mounted in slotted tracks that allow the user to vary the position and find the optimum comfortable flight position.  Advanced versions of the Jetblade such as the Jetblade CX and the Jetblade Scorpion feature customized stance width in any dimension for the advanced rider that has locked in their stance.

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19May 2017

The man behind the camera, Chris Plunkett

Hydro Soul the movie is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, XBox, VUDU and Vimeo On Demand.

We had a fantastic time as captured on film as shown in the movie, behind the scenes it was epic as well. Planning began months before with the concept to shoot a film in the tradition of a surf safari. To go to an exotic place with a group of people and document what happens. We watched various surf and skate and snowboard documentaries, thinking how they locked down a moment in the development of a sport for all time. This was what we were after, not to make an advertisement for the brand, but to allow the riders to explore and be able to share this exploration with the world. From the origins of surfing came the name “soul” and the name Hydro Soul Project materialized early in the production.  We wanted to gently push the boundaries of what was possible, experimenting with inflatable Jaxx, camera angles, different styles of riding and a different more soulful way to look at the sport.  We wanted to give something back to the athletes that give so much to this young sport. Continue reading

18May 2017

Across all cultures, mankind’s universal dream is of flight… In 2011, a new sport was born: Hydroflight. Around the world, pockets of enthusiasts began to develop their skills, without much interaction with each other. In an effort to push the sport forward, ten of the most devoted and innovative riders on hydro Jetpacks and Jetblades got together in exotic Thailand, and the cameras rolled non-stop to record this historic moment in the infancy of the sport. The island of Koh Samui provided warm waters and a beautiful backdrop. This wasn’t about competition…they were free from all the drama…This was about creativity and the shared exhilaration of flight. Hydro Soul was about flying, and giving the riders the tools, time and freedom to explore. They came together from all parts of the USA and spent eight days flying, growing, expanding horizons and sharing ideas while highlighting the awesome attitudes and unbelievable skills.

X’s film project is being distributed through the Orchard by the following outlets:


Google Play





15May 2017

We offer different combinations to fits your flying requirements and style of riding.  A complete system consists of one of the four choices in Hydro Systems and one of the six versions of hydroflight jet systems. Mix and match as you see fit, contact us our your nearest dealer for more information and assistance in selecting to optimum hydroflight system for you.

Hydroflight and hydrosport power system for conversion of a personal watercraft, aka jet ski, into a water thrust powered flight platform. The most technically advanced water thrust system in the sport. X offers several different configuration to meet your performance needs.

Base Hydro Channel System *components illustrated, actual kit comes fully assembled.

$3595 Base System The system to get you started in hydroflight or to start a hydroflight rental business. Conversion kit includes one adapter for your watercraft, Yamaha, SeaDoo or Kawasaki.  30 meters of heavy duty performance hose, and all high precision, extended durability CNC cut fittings made from marine grade metals. Continue reading

13May 2017

What are the differences between a jetpack and a jetboard?  Generally put, jetpacks have been in the public consciousness for over 50 years, standing jetboards only for a short time.  Older viewers will tend to look at a jetpack and think it looks more familiar, easier to fly.  Younger viewers have the opposite impression, they look at the jetboard and see the familiarity and apparent ease.  Both are easy to fly requiring a minimum of effort and training.   Continue reading

07Feb 2017

Driven by function and use by experts, a purity of materials, the direct design purpose results in a minimalist beauty based on function and resulting in pure performance.

X is building equipment for a new targeted user for season 2017. For 2016 our operating theme was built on #serious, a serious approach to contrast with economy plastic approaches to hydroflight.  We have always placed a high emphasis on proper engineering and a ease of use.  We are doubling down this year on our core values and the core pursuit of building the world’s best performing, most awesome hydroflight equipment.  We love building cool sports gear and we just had to pursue building the ultimate gear we could think of.

With industrial design, and every engineering effort and design, there are compromises.  A series of choices on where to put the emphasis in a design.  X has always built products to fit the widest range of users, emphasizing ease of use, safety and durability.  In 2017 with riders capable of a higher level of riding becoming more prevalent, X has taken the direct riders feedback and continuously evolved its Jetblade and Jetpack line to meet their ever increasing demands.

At this point, a complete new line of product in the X line has been developed to take this shift in the market one step further.  A re-balancing of the core aspects of the design approach has opened up possibilities for higher performance Jetblades and Jetpacks. Continue reading

31Jan 2017

A jet ski is a high performance engine connected to a high volume water pump.  Although a jet ski was developed for sport and recreation, the efficiency of the package has been adapted to practical uses.  One of the most practical uses has been developed by the Deep Blue Sea company in Dubai, working with the Dubai Directorate General of Civil Defense. Continue reading

29Nov 2016
Full Carbon Fiber Baseplates, part of X's new CX Lab series of high end hydroflight products and product enhancements.

Full Carbon Fiber Baseplates, part of X’s new CX Lab series of high end hydroflight products and product enhancements. Shown above two sizes, 42 CM stance width and 58CM stance width.

CX Baseplates are one of the new products to come out of the CX Lab at X-Jets.  Fully carbon fiber baseplates offer the lowest profile, height off the pivot centerline and lowest weight with stiffness that is unmatched.  Each set of CX baseplates is custom made to order in the stance width of your choice.  Compact is the key factor here, so the variable stance width for different riders was superseded by a single stance width spec to allow the maximum design benefit.


Jetblade Full Kit: Base Hydro Channel System + Jetblade with CX Carbon Fiber Baseplates $6535

Jetblade Solo: Jetblade with CX Carbon Fiber Baseplates (no hydro power system) $2940

CX Carbon Fiber Baseplates: Baseplate pair only as upgrade part for any existing Jetblade $950

[note: CX Baseplates are custom made to order and have a three week production time. 40 CM width stance plates are in stock for immediate shipment.]
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13Nov 2016

Ben Merrell of Destin Florida is an absolute professional in every meaning of the word. Ben made the long trip from Florida to Osaka Japan to compete in the JABA’s Aquaboard Championship at Nishikinohama Park on October 21-22, 2016. Ben had a series of sensational runs that culminated in a first place victory decision from the judges. Continue reading

11Nov 2016

Jake Orel is the top seeded rider in the world on jetboard devices. Jake joined the X Rebel Faction in Osaka Japan at the recent Nishikinohama Park JABA Aquaboard 2016 Championship. Jake trains and rides for team Aquafly out of Austin Texas. Jake makes it look easy due to his relaxed style, but his technical ability has been honed to perfection. It shows in the video above. Jake took home second place in the competition and inspired the audience and the other competitors.

Jake summed it up by saying, “I was proud to compete in the JABA competition in Japan, it had to have been one of if not the most well organized competitions I’ve ever seen!”

11Nov 2016

Ryouichi Manyama, returning to the board after recovering from an injury, showed his trademark aggressive slashing style. We love the superman to grab to back. Nicely done! Ryouichi rides for his sponsor 3601 Motorsports.

11Nov 2016

Nishikinohama Park in Osaka Japan was the place to be on the weekend of October 22-23, 2016 as the JABA held it’s year end event for hydroflight in Japan.  The JABA Japan Aqua Board Association’s mission is to build the sport of hydroflight in Japan and encourage competition.  They have put on competitions throughout the summer and for the final, decided to open the field up to riders from other countries.  Scott Geltman, Ben Merrell, Jake Orel and Mike Traster made the trip from the USA to participate in the Jetpack and Jetboard divisions.


30Oct 2016

Scotty’s gonzo jetpack style was on full display at Nishikinohama Park during the JABA Aquaboard Championship, October 21-22, 2016. Full enthusiasm and expressing the larger than life thrill of riding a jetpack was evident in every moment of Scotty’s runs. Scott took home a second place to his team mate Mike, but left an impression on the crowd that will not soon be forgotten! Continue reading

28Oct 2016

Mike “Thrasher” Traster was part of the original hydro jetpack riding crew. Mike defined what was possible and inspired many others to jump on a hydro jetpack and define their own limits. Mike has continued to push the limits and develop a unique style that resonates confidence, style and creativity. Backwards slaloms are the smoothest in the biz, rodeo flips from the top, and all of the element linked together into the most action packed two minutes in the biz. An amazing run brought a re-energized Traster back to the top of the podium in the JABA Aquaboard Championship in Nishikinohama Park, Osaka, Japan. Mike Traster is the man, in black. Continue reading

23Oct 2016

X·Jets builds the world’s best selling and best built, serious hydroflight jetpack. The years we have been building, we have continually improved the X·Jetpack with feedback from the first time users and the pros that use our products.

11Oct 2016

Ran Xiao Qiang, in Xi’an China, knocking out the previously mythical front flip with casual ease. The elusive Frontflip had been documented once or twice before in blurry cell phone video segments and many times in verbal legend, this proves what is possible. Frontflip followed by Backflip just to show the control. Riding the X-Jets Jetblade, Ran shows that limits are only in your mind and redefines the relationship of East to West progression.

08Aug 2016

X-Jets, Stratospheric Industries, is now the proud sponsor of the China National Team for Hydroflight jetboards and jetpacks! The team selected X-Jets Jetblades and X-Jetpacks based on the superior quality of the gear, superior performance, and ease of maintenance.  The China team situation is an amazing one, unlike anything else in the world. Designed to develop and foster the growth of the next generation of hydro athletes, a marine sports school on the shore of a beautiful lake in eastern China.  Forty lucky young athletes live in a dormitory, eat, sleep, and live marine sports.  Jetskis, stand up jet skis, jetboards and now jetpacks.  The training is for shows and competitions, building the talent pool and ability levels in advance of the needs for competition. Athletes eat a healthy diet, run 5 kilometers in the morning, and then start to practice on the best marine equipment, SeaDoo, Yamaha, Rickter stand ups, etc.  Jetblades are naturally the best hydro jetboards available, and the team is fully stocked.  X-Jetpacks are new to the mix and the team caught on to flying quick!

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04Aug 2016

Dual 180 from X-Jets, the most technically advanced, beautifully finished, carefully engineered 180 U redirect in all of hydrosport.  X backs up the superior engineering with careful attention to fit and finish.  X anticipates high stress areas and goes and extra step to insure longevity and quality.  The CNC lathe finished 316 stainless steel inolet port on the Dual 180.  Higer stresses are on the mounting side and non-linear torques.  We decided to up the ante and make it stainless.   All this computer flow shaped goodness wrapped inside high temp powder coating inside and out with hard wearing thick epoxy graphics.

The proof is in the putting. Hydro-Fest top podium winner Ben Merrell.  This is the power that hydro has been waiting for.

$250 upgrade from standard X-Jets silicone U.

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