The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a fad: “a practice or interest followed for a time with exaggerated zeal “.  Could that apply to hydrosport?  What causes a fad, to fade?

Most often, it’s the lack of innovation that causes a fad to lose appeal or be replaced by new, more interesting things.  Sometimes safety concerns also cause people to abandon the latest fad.

As hydroflight equipment professionals, and active participants in the hydroflight industry, we never want hydroflight to be considered a fad and lose its appeal. We don’t want hydroflight to appear to be for extreme athletes only, or have other activities to seem more enticing to current fliers and potential fliers visiting the water. We don’t want to become complacent and stop innovating – either as an industry or as individuals.  We want to keep the real spirit that this is a growing and reactive sport filled with people that care about the growth and evolution of hydroflight.  People fly through the air propelled on jets of water! How awesome is that? We are certain there is a huge future ahead for all of us to work towards, lovers of flight, athletes with visions of fame, business owners and everyone that appreciates the wild things that bring smiles to faces and awe to viewers.

Importantly, we also don’t want to let safety issues scare people away. The risks of flying, over water, attached to a high powered machine are both very real and can be a stall for some people to try the sport and accept it.  We need to continue to work on the best safety practices and continue to innovate on ways to make the gear safer. Other companies are working on this as well and we keep in mind the common goal of both informing hydrofliers and making

To keep hydrosport vibrant, we must be forward thinking and really understand the needs of today’s players. We must offer products and services that are the best experience possible, and can compete with other recreations for customer attention, loyalty and business. We have to build on the foundation of the sport with innovations that make the sport easier to practice, safer for everyone involved, and most of all, expand on the promise of fun.

We’ve made it past the first bump with a new set of innovation and solutions and competitiveness that is benefiting all of hydrosport.

As an hydrosport participant, your knowledge of the HydroFlight industry and the hydrosport market are crucial to your success.  It’s important for you to stay informed, pay attention to your customers, and strive to be at the innovation forefront.  X is here to encourage development in the sport and the promotion of the future. We want to push forward the sport, we listen to you, we build products for you and we work to make sure that tomorrow’s hydroflight is a better experience for all.