Wakeboard bindings offer a huge choice of models, price ranges, functions, and yes even colors. These bindings and or binding/boots systems are standard choices for jetboards.  Due to the fact that there are so many choices, X-Jets does not supply a binding with the Jetblade.  If you have experience with any bindings and can make a review or a recommendation, let us know at info@x-jetpacks.com

So with all of the choices, what styles do we recommend?


Liquid Force Domain, simple thick strap system


Hyperlite Focus, double layer closure system, not recommended for exit complexity.


Ronix Kai, dual closure lace system, not recommended due to exit complexity with two sets of closures per foot. Could be converted to a single locking closure with longer laces.


Liquid Force Domain, thick, easy to use closures.


Slingshot Verdict 2013 One toe and wide velcro straps.

Open toe boots fit the widest range of sizes, when you are flying pilots with a range of foot sizes.

For more advanced riders or for a one rider setup, a pair of performance closed toe boots give a bit more toe control and protect the toes from scraps or hose bumps.

Velcro closure systems, wide velcro bands, allow for faster entry and most of all for faster exit, you can get out of them more quickly by ripping open the straps and kicking out.  This can be critical on some emergency situations.  Binding and boots systems are the next level up, the straps and levers allow two connections per foot and allow you to kick out with a minimum of inferference.

Brands are Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Ronix, Byerly, CWB and Slingshot.