Full Jetpack Kit Contents

Un-boxing the H3X X-Jetpack bolt on kit for jetski.  Hydro flight jetpack.

Un-boxing the H3X X-Jetpack, water powered, jet ski,  bolt on kit. Hydro flight jetpack. Complete contents.


This is the shipping box and contents which arrives with your new X-Jetpack H3X. The majority of the parts are fully assembled and require only a short time to combine the parts into a full assembly. The photo above shows all of the parts that are included. Assembly Instruction can be found here.


X-Jetpacks H3X kit contents, labeled.


Three views of the vest and frame assembly X-Jetpacks H3X.

x-jetpacks water jet packs

Jet ski bolt on kit, full hose assembly for X-Jetpacks H3X


X-Jetpacks Y tube and steering control assembly parts.


Tripod Set Assembly Parts

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