Seems obvious right?  Water, sport, try to float the user face up?  Not so obvious to our competition!  We saw the first Jetlev machine and thought that the biggest flaw was that it floated you face down in the water.  The first lessons in fact, were teaching you how to roll on your back to get your face out of the water. We recognized immediately the obvious, design a system that direct the user face up!  All of our designs and research models were built and engineered to float our friends face up. We have friends that are going to do crazy stuff, we wanted to give them the best system for floating in the water between flights.

Front floatation from X-Jetpacks.  We predict that the days of jetpack companies in the US and Germany designing jetpacks that direct a user’s face down in the water are drawing to a close.

It is our first contribution to the advancement of the sport.  Enjoy.