Flyboard Pro Series vs Scorpion Ninja

You currently ride a Flyboard™ Pro Series are looking at options?  Move up to a full carbon fiber Scorpion Ninja Jetblade.  How does a Scorpion Ninja compare to a Zapata Flyboard?   What are the differences and advantages?

The obvious difference is the materials.  The Flyboard™ Pro Series is a full plastic construction.  The Scorpion Ninja Jetblade is a composite construction of billet CNC alloy parts and hand-laid full carbon fiber.

This shows in the weight, the Flyboard™ Pro Series at 7.5 kilograms vs the Scorpion at 4.5.  Remember the feeling when you stepped off a Flyboard Legend onto a Flyboard Pro Series for the first time?  The Scorpion weighs even less, a 40% weight reduction over the Flyboard Pro Series.  the results, quicker acceleration in tricks, less spin weight, overall faster response.

Nozzle bearings, Scorpion Ninja has aluminum hard billet, CNC machined bearing races inner and outer, the result, no binding, no sticking, smooth action and response in all situations.  The engineering design is based on a lean design, each nozzle bearing cassette consists of two main parts, inner and outer races, 60 8mm ball bearings one o-ring and a port cap to keep the bearings in place.  The feeling you get when flexing the nozzles with no pressure is the same feeling you get while flying.  There is no “it all changes once the pressure comes on”, what you feel is what you get.

Flyboard: Maintenance costs. Constant service. Searching for spare parts. 180 parts not including bearings, plastic and many different sizes and types of screws and bolts.
Scorpion Ninja: Fast, straightforward maintenance. Hardened metal bearing races race ensure long operation between services. One screw port cap design lets you empty and refill ball bearings in a jiffy.
Solution: Scorpions are engineered with a minimum number of parts. This helps to keep things simple and reduces the necessary time for maintenance. The Scorpion is designed for optimum performance from day one and requires less tuning than the Flyboard, which saves you money in the long run as it has a longer operating life span than other brands we carry. Beware of competitors that offer constant tune-ups to try and maintain their substandard equipment!

Maintenance.  With a Scorpion Ninja, your bearings will stay functional for pretty much a whole season of professional use without servicing.  When it comes time for service, you need one tool, a 4mm allen key.  Undo the single screw holding the 316 Stainless steel port cap and empty out the bearings.  The nozzle will then disassemble for washing out, changing the o-ring seal, and replacement of the 8mm ball bearings. Bearings drop into place and internally lock the nozzle into the Y pipe.  Clean, tight, precise, no locking, sticking or drag.  By contrast on the Flyboard™ Pro Series, you need to remove bindings and plates and springs using different tools and then the complicated reassembly using peanut butter or marine grade grease to hold everything in place.

Swivel, the Scorpion hose swivel is X-Jets Billet CNC milled double row bearing design, smooth action, low maintenance, no water spray design.  Clean accurate dependable spins.  We make rotary swivels that will fit into the end of your existing 110mm Flyboard hose, 316 aka W5 clamps included.

Safety.  The Scorpion uses a breakaway two-part clamp and a zero insertion force design.  If there is an emergency, a rescuer can pull the rubber rings up or down and the two clamp halves holding the board to the swivel and hose fall away and the board separates, with zero chance to stick.  The Flyboard™ Pro Series bayonet (soft plastic meshing with sharp metal ) connection is secured by a tiny pin under the Y pipe is not designed for quick release.

( * “Flyboard is a trademark of ZIPH2O SAS, Le Rove France, completely and absolutely unassociated with Stratospheric Industries and the “Flyboard” name is used for market comparison only.  )


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