Poor ol Mickey
This is part of our re-exam filing to cancel JLIP’s patent ‘772. We are all members of the Mickey Mouse club and never knew it.

Of course Mickey could have let go of the hose and slid down the ladder to safety on the ground. He could even have called his men and gone off home, if he liked, but he wasn’t made that way. He had a job to do, and, by golly, He was going to do it!
This being so, he clung to that bucking pipe and was carried high into the air with water squirting in all directions and the pipe swishing around like a live thing. “Wow!” screamed the firefighter.
It was like riding in an aeroplane to poor ol Mickey Mouse, and he could hardly believe that a hosepipe could be so alive. The landscape slid away beneath him, houses reeled far below him, and the fields and roads went spinning round giddily.
The fireman finally managed to ride the hose as one would ride a bucking bronco, however, and tried hard to get back to that window and have another attempt at quelling the cheeky flames.
“I won’t be beaten!” he yelled. “I WON’T!” And at last he managed to steer his strange steed toward the blazing house again.

Who invented “riding the hose”? Mickey Mouse, American, 1936, we also learned he steered and guided with intent. And “golly” is under utilized.