Q: Is the X-Jetpack the same as the original Jetlev-Flyer minus the engine unit?

A: No, the X-Jetpack is a brand new design that includes a number of newly-developed features.

Q: What models of PWC will it attach to?

A: All models of Yamaha and Sea Doo 2009 and newer with over 160 horsepower and select models of Kawasaki. Complete list available soon.

Q: Will it overheat the PWC?

A: We have not experienced any overheating during our testing on our PWCs. However, please consult the documentation for your particular PWC for any restrictions or warnings.

Q: How fast can you go on the X-Jetpack?

A: Performance greatly depends on what model PWC you attach it to, the pilot’s weight, and water conditions. For reference, a 2012 RXPX 260 horsepower should allow a 200 lb person to fly over 15 miles an hour just above the water.

Q: Is training required to buy one?

A: Attending a training class is not required for purchase. Instructional materials will be provided with each purchase, and our new products include several features to aid a first-time user.

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