team shot

Shaw is the lead designer/developer for X-Jetpacks, starting on the project in 2009. Shaw has been building sport equipment for several decades. Starting with snowboards, Shaw designed boards, bindings and production facilities in the US, Europe and Asia.  He worked with Snowtech Snowboards, Sims Snowboards, built the Santa Cruz Snowboards brand, DNR and Marker snowboard products.

Scott is the specialist in manufacturing and China production expert.  Over 15 years in China and fluent in Chinese and all manufacturing processes and materials.

Jose is our testing and strategy consultant, based in Europe and fluent in German, French and Portuguese.  Jose is a World Cup champion in snowboarding and all-around thrill sport aficionado.

Tim Anthony is head of Samui Sea Sports in Koh Samui Thailand, all round sport and hydro flight tester and trainer.