We are very interested to grow our dealer network world -wide. We have built our pricing structure to support purchasing in retail quantities of reasonable sizes with increasing discount structure for larger orders. If you are interested in growing with a young brand in a dynamic sport, please consider the following factors.

Dealer Discount Policy

Stratospheric Industries / X-Jetpacks is excited to acquire dealers who are serious about growing the hydro flight business and working to make it grow.

X-Jetpacks dealers are required to:

  • Purchase one X-Jetpack unit and gain experience with it, this is the first step.  We want our dealers to be enthusiastic promoters of the product.
  • Make an purchase of at least five (5) units to be classified as a dealer.
  • Subsequent orders must be at least five units in order to obtain dealer level pricing.
  • Training is available in order to reach accreditation status for commercial operations. Contact us for details.
  • Annual order of units must total a minimum of fifteen (15) units in order to retain the X-Jetpacks dealer designation.
  • Stratospheric Industries / X-Jetpacks dealers must sell equipment at a profit and not less than the MSRP ( Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) set by Stratospheric Industries / X-Jetpacks

Stratospheric Industries / X-Jetpack’s discount percentages range from (please inquire) discount from MSRP depending on the quantity purchased.

All orders must be paid 70% at placement of order and the remainder within two weeks of when notified of ready to ship by Stratospheric Industries / X-Jetpacks.

Stratospheric Industries / X-Jetpacks encourages its dealers to expand, but in the event expansion or a change of location triggers a conflict of interest with an existing Stratospheric Industries / X-Jetpacks dealer, Stratospheric Industries / X-Jetpacks may find it necessary to suspend or restrict dealership privileges.

We reserve the right to revoke dealer privileges. Price cutting, deep discounting and selling equipment for less than the minimum price set by Stratospheric Industries / X-Jetpacks will cause immediate termination of the dealership.

Internet sales.  Dealers are not permitted to advertise or sell product in the internet below the MSRP set by Stratospheric Industries / X-Jetpacks.

Stratospheric Industries / X-Jetpacks will refer customers that contact us directly  to a geographically local dealer whenever apparent.  We believe in supporting our dealers.

Take part in the future of Hydro Flight.

Do you have what it takes to join the network of X-Jetpack dealers world-wide?

  • Are you forward looking, adventurous, experienced and business-minded?
  • Do you have experience with personal watercraft maintenance and repair?
  • Do you know the power sports business in your targeted area?
  • Do you take great pride in superior customer service?
  • Do you have the necessary financial resources?
  • Are you a passionate about water sport activities?
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