Competition is what drives most all of us. Not only survival of the fittest, but the desire to excel, that drives us and it shapes the way we think and the way we act.

Competition shapes sport the same way it shapes all aspects of the human experience. Men and women competing against each other to be the best to be number one. Teams of every size, supporting and working for the goal of beating the competition. Whether it was to hunt the biggest animal or to be first to reach the moon. We race forward and better what we do to compete, as individuals, organizations, countries.  Sport is one of the fundamental expressions of this personal and team competition.  A footrace between children no doubt was the first competition.  As technology has advanced, the races became more complex, in hydroflightwe find ourselves propelled through the air gymnastically in three dimensional paths, guiding and riding a high powered stream of water.

Consider any given sport and the progress over time and the driving factors that made that the sport grow.  Athletes improve, gear improves, contests and shows and presentations evolve.  The driving force, competition.  Competition keeps us sharp, makes us better, pushes us to excel.

Counter to advancement, there are lesser strategies that avoid competition. Some out of fear of losing to a new competitor. Or out of arrogance, sitting a pedestal, resting on the laurels, with the false impression that no one can knock them off. To avoid competition and live in a self enforced bubble is to whither in readiness and expire from relevance. Prowatercross Hydroflight Competition Flyboard For the athletes settling for lack of innovations, equipment that does not keep up with rider’s increasing abilities, or worse, substandard  materials, is to fade in confidence and miss the athletic window for excellence.  Settling for the safe is to leave potential for greatness unexplored  The ‘Galapagos Island’ evolutionary mentality. Given the choice of settling for an extinct DMC DeLorean or plastic bodied Pontiac Fiero, we’ll keep looking for a higher standard.

We’ll stick with the approach of Honda and continue to race forward and evolve our machines and our keep our skills sharp by competing at the level of other established sports.  We are proud of the machines we build, the platform that our athletes and fliers express themselves on, this is a cool sport and deserves our full and undivided attention!

Those are awesome machines!