X-Jets, Stratospheric Industries, is now the proud sponsor of the China National Team for Hydroflight jetboards and jetpacks! The team selected X-Jets Jetblades and X-Jetpacks based on the superior quality of the gear, superior performance, and ease of maintenance.  The China team situation is an amazing one, unlike anything else in the world. Designed to develop and foster the growth of the next generation of hydro athletes, a marine sports school on the shore of a beautiful lake in eastern China.  Forty lucky young athletes live in a dormitory, eat, sleep, and live marine sports.  Jetskis, stand up jet skis, jetboards and now jetpacks.  The training is for shows and competitions, building the talent pool and ability levels in advance of the needs for competition. Athletes eat a healthy diet, run 5 kilometers in the morning, and then start to practice on the best marine equipment, SeaDoo, Yamaha, Rickter stand ups, etc.  Jetblades are naturally the best hydro jetboards available, and the team is fully stocked.  X-Jetpacks are new to the mix and the team caught on to flying quick!

Hydroflight has been a discipline for the China National Team for the past several seasons. The team trains together, performs shows and participates in contests around China. The equipment room is fully stocked and has two full time mechanics.  The team had extensive experience with the French built product but the equipment and service was sub par.  (50 French hoses were “consumed” in a single season ) When in 2015 when the first rider joined the team on a Jetblade, everyone was hooked and they made contact with X to support the team.  We saw the opportunity to support hydroflight in a dynamic and growing market and have a local testbed to increase our quality with daily usage by serious and trained riders..

We took Mike Helton to the team base for training on the jetpack and the team rocked it! We had a great time showing Mike a small slice of China and Mike was the perfect ambassador and trainer for the world of hydroflight.  The skills he has passed on will grow into the basis of the future!