14Jan 2015

We have followed the saga of Jetlev from the beginning.  We even reached out to help them in their struggle to reach the market with an affordable product in 2012.  They tested our first X-Jetpack, broke our agreement, clung onto it after we asked for it back, measured it up, then came up with the Aquaflyer and the Aquaboard.  We can see the design influences that they took from the X-Jetpack.  The saddle design, the curved Y tube, the jet ski redirect system made from silicone rubber for flexibility and cavitation reduction.  Good thing they were so stubborn and short-sighted not to copy more.

17Nov 2013
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18Jan 2008

On his yearly jet ski buying trip, Frazier shows Lars the video of the jetpack flying.  Lars is into it now.  He convinces Ray that he is the man for the job to make this thing go mega.

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