• Frame, modified the head rollbar. Developing our new V-window strap support and bump protector. Better clearance for your head.
  • Modified head protection padding. ( We advise wearing a helmet for the best protection from the unexpected.)
  • Five modifications to the harness system resulting our revolution in simplicity and robustness, complete 316 stainless system, nothing like it on the market.  We predict it will be the standard going forward.
  • New strap mounting locations, removed center mount “ball splitter” strap. No crotch contact, a world of difference from all pre-existing designs.
  • Modified padding for shoulder straps. Dual density foam inserts and stress relieved pressure sections over the shoulders. More comfort, less fatigue.
  • Padding cut curve modified for increased pilot field of vision.  See the world around you from the air.
  • Modified composite saddle, reduced stiff carbon fiber and modified width, keeps thighs closer together for more control.
  • Modified clamping system for power transmission hose. Combination forged alloy clamps and 316 stainless band clamps.
  • Modified “Big Flex U” clamping and interlock system.
  • Modified watercraft connection system. More speed.
  • Torsion bar mounting system re-engineered.
  • Torsion bar material upgraded to full solid nylon.
  • Arm angles
  • Stand

H2X limited pre-production release. Tested in Thailand and by the big boys during the spring and early summer of 2013. Tested in combination with Jetlev-Flyer power units and with Seadoo jet skis.

H1X was the first prototype flown in Thailand in September of 2012.

Jetpack HX was first flown in Ko Samui in September of 2012.

First flight model connected to Jetlev machine. Rough.

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