IP Timeline

Patents.  The page documents the patent path of man’s pursuit of tethered propulsion. This has been a wide field of endeavour and this page by no means contains the full history. The timeline of related patents, one row showing the patents referenced by Frankie Zapata, one row shows the patents referenced by Raymond Li, and the final row show related patents that they did not reference at all, not mentioned or examined by either party.  You can make out the method that each party choose to form a background that their “invention” was novel.

[timeline src=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0Am5rRv7siN7OdExKczRiR0RHbmIyMDV3RlY4QWltYWc&output=html” start_zoom_adjust=”-3″ width=”100%” height=”750″ font=”Lekton-Molengo” maptype=”toner” lang=”en” start_at_slide=”30″]


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