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Modular choice rules.

When we initiated the JetBlade project, we looked at the full range of possibilities for the rider – hydro board interface, the bindings.  Our lead designer the HydroShaper, spent years designing and manufacturing dozens of models snowboard bindings for virtually all of the leading snowboard brands.  Hundreds of thousands of the bindings were used and are in use around the world.  He knows that the key to a great product is scale of production, in order to make a great boot or binding, you literally need to build tens of thousands of units.  Tooling costs for good molds, batch productions, the best materials, getting it right with quantity.  JetBlade riding is nowhere near that scale, manufacturing a specific binding is cost prohibitive. As the sport evolves it is absolutely necessary that the equipment evolve just as fast.  The industry standard is wakeboard bindings, they fit the task perfectly and there is a whole industry built to deliver great products around the world. We could have sourced a midrange binding from a middleman, but that would not fit all the requirements of our users.

We came to the conclusion that the best option for our customers is to be able to choose a boot and binding from the full range of choices in the market.  From fit to style to price range, everything is available online or locally. The full infrastructure of support exists for the widest variety of choice.

We recommend the following bindings from different companies.  Liquid Force Vantage, open toe, fits lots of different sizes, velcro straps get you in and out quickly without the extra laces hanging out.

We sell our Sidewinder without a binding, with full compatibility to existing wakeboard boots, bindings and combination systems using a six inch hole pattern.

We design and build everything from the waterline up. From production CNC jet ski connections, to sealed hydro bearing systems, to the power focusing shape of the water channels.  We were the first in the industry to engineer our own sealed ball bearing systems directly into our nozzles, saving weight, removing complexity and keeping all the power going out the nozzles. A smoother water flow means a better performing product.  We use all marine grade materials and finishes.

Water flows are tested first in specialized water flow simulation software then in the ocean on prototypes. This allows us to experiment and refine the flows with exacting detail.

We formed Stratospheric Industries, Inc. to build hydro equipment in 2011.  Our first project was to build a better, more accessible hydro jetpack system, the X-Jetpack H3X.  After all if you have such a cool concept it deserves cool well made equipment, the first attempts and making hydro jetpacks were, well, first attempts.  Around the globe,  the centers that used the jetpack were impressed with the technology and the workmanship and many immediately asked if we were going to build a better Flyboard.   Everyone had experience with a couple seasons of Zapata Racing’s Flyboard and yet was asking for more. They supplied us with a long list of requests, but the common thread was “build it like the X-Jetpack, build it solid and clean and build it to last.”

We take our time to get it right, we are nto fast, we cannot design and engineer a complete board in days as some have claimed.  We design, test, simulate, review and iterate over and over until we are satisfied. We are freaks about equipment and making it right. We love what we do, we love to make equipment that others will push to the limits, we build tools that are flexible and can be expanded as this young sport grows.

Our experience engineering the X-Jetpack gave us the direction, build it tough to handle getting rough treatment in remote corners of the world. Build it efficient and flexible to fit into jet ski installations.  Build it all from marine worthy materials that can handle salt water and light abuse.  Use a double jacketed hose (where the weave is encapsulated on both sides) that holds up to real world usage. Make all the parts substantial and design and engineer out the tiny parts that get lost or break.  Our experience working with and building equipment for pro-riders in other sports carried over directly, build it lighter, build it smoother, built it with a variable stance, optimize the center of gravity.  In other words, build it for sport and let the athletes push the boundaries.

We announce the X-Jets Sidewinder, the ultimate sport “jetboard”.



We believe in safety first. To build a sport it has to survive long enough to become established.  Our system is a tandem system, the rider on the jet ski controls the throttle.  Two main benefits, the rider is the safety “buddy”, he is always nearby the pilot by connection and can assist. The second is that the engine control remains unmodified and factory standard.  The jet ski engine is  a finely tuned system and the world is full of a variety of controls in a wide variety of condition from many model years.  There have been attempts to build remote throttle systems.  All of them so far in the market have usability issues that outweigh the utility.

Our system is the simple but efficient system with a secondary layer of control (the second person) and a backup layer of safety, the buddy.

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