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Full Carbon Fiber Baseplates, part of X's new CX Lab series of high end hydroflight products and product enhancements.

Full Carbon Fiber Baseplates, part of X’s new CX Lab series of high end hydroflight products and product enhancements. Shown above two sizes, 42 CM stance width and 58CM stance width.

CX Baseplates are one of the new products to come out of the CX Lab at X-Jets.  Fully carbon fiber baseplates offer the lowest profile, height off the pivot centerline and lowest weight with stiffness that is unmatched.  Each set of CX baseplates is custom made to order in the stance width of your choice.  Compact is the key factor here, so the variable stance width for different riders was superseded by a single stance width spec to allow the maximum design benefit.


Jetblade Full Kit: Base Hydro Channel System + Jetblade with CX Carbon Fiber Baseplates $6535

Jetblade Solo: Jetblade with CX Carbon Fiber Baseplates (no hydro power system) $2940

CX Carbon Fiber Baseplates: Baseplate pair only as upgrade part for any existing Jetblade $950

[note: CX Baseplates are custom made to order and have a three week production time. 40 CM width stance plates are in stock for immediate shipment.]
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x-jets-jetpack-cx-redCarbon fiber is the ultimate material in for sport. This stiff, high modulus material is valued for ultra fast response time, amazing strength and light weight.  We decided to make a statement about our commitment to high end hydroflight equipment by building a hydrojetpack completely out of this amazing material.  This was developed as a “concept car”, a high end experiment that spared no expense, a project whose goal was to be the ultimate expression of what a jetpack could be.  Wow, what a result! Continue reading

X works with Flytronics to manufacture the peerless wireless throttle control.  The X·F5 package gives you everything you need to convert your jetski to wireless control from your Jetblade.f41-2

You are looking for the next generation, ultra sleek, ultra light, ultra stiff hydroflight jetpack, the custom built X·Jets Jetpack X.

You are looking for a complete Hydroflight Jetpack kit with the world’s best hydrojetpack the X·Jets NX. Everything you need to convert your existing jet ski into a hydroflight platform!

You just need a Jetblade to add to an existing hydroflight system.

The Jetblade is the world’s leading technical hydro jetboard. The Jetblade was designed from it’s origins to be a compact, precisely engineered platform that riders could use to explore and expand the limits of hydro flight.  Smoothness is prime only in the function of the jet nozzles and base hose swivel, also in the limited drag hydrodynamic shape of the components and the way they all fit in harmony together. All of this shelled into the tightest possible envelope to minimize contact with anything in the environment that could throw you off.  All built from materials that you can depend on the weather the elements.  We call this construction “serious metal”.

The Jetblade has been in operation around the world and the design has proven itself to be dependable under the feet of the world’s top riders and under the feet of 100’s of beginners every day in rental operations.   Hydroflight is not complicated, it is an easy sport that virtually anyone can try, and fly.

The Jetblade Solo consists of a Jetblade unit only.  This is the choice if you are looking to add a Jetblade to an existing X·Jets system, most importantly, being able to directly connect to the swivel on the end of the hose to interchange in seconds between other X· devices.

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